Continuous using of smartphone may trigger a widespread health problem

We consider smartphones our daily companion, for some its attachmentContinuous using of smartphone may trigger a widespread health problem and for others its obsession.

Numerous new researches show how the handsets might be affecting our health.

Words like ‘text-neck’ and screen-sightedness occur several years ago. Yet, the terms is getting more very common among medical pros. Text-teck or the tech-neck is a issue that results from continuously looking down at devices. One study, released in the National Library of Medicine calls it a outbreak, smartphone users having complaints about it.

Dr. Bob Yakovac a Chiropractor stated KDKA’s Kym Gable our heads are not made to be in that position for long period.

“It’s not the first time [you look down], it’s the 10,000th time you put your head down and all of a sudden, you say ‘Man, it’s killing me!’”

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That is just what happened to one of his patients, Michelle DeBlasi. “My neck hurt in ways I couldn’t describe.  It was excruciating. I almost passed out, it was that painful,” DeBlasi added.

DeBlasi health condition is improving under the care of Dr. Yakovac.

“When people have their heads all the way down…. The weight of their head becomes about 60 pounds,” explained Dr. Yakovac.

This can cause to muscle and joint pain, also tissue degeneration, Chiropractors are seeing this condition in younger patients.

“Actually, it goes down to 2-years-old, because parents will give them technology to occupy their time,” said Dr. Yakovac.

Ophthalmologists are seeing younger patients, A London-based research shows instances of near-sightedness have increased 35% since the arrival of smartphones.

“Really, the research is showing the fact that they’re reading and not playing outside in the sunlight – that’s probably the culprit,”  said Dr. Dhaliwal.

Too much screen time may trigger to other problems, like dry eyes, which can cause to cornea problems.


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