Serious health issue cause by smartphones

A number of hours spent using at our smartphones may cause a potential damage.  As we increasingly centered into our handsets, using them every other minute to check some updates, we are prone to smartphone health risk.

Based to the British Chiropractic Association, our obsession with devices has brought to a surge in the number of young people with back problems, as the volume of time put in leaning over smartphone screen can put spine discs under stress.

Sore backs are not the only harmful effects of our smartphones, many complaint listed. Here is why mobile phones are bad for our physical, mental and emotional health together with cellular country complaints.


Rather of connection, the possibilities for constant smartphone interaction can make us feel Anxiety -cellular country complaintsseparated. Young people, who invested their 11 hours looking at their smartphones every day, expect regular updates from their friends, and messages can cause to anxiety. According to Dr. Richard Graham, a psychologist specializing in technological addiction at Nightingale hospital, “There’s the terrible feeling that the person is ignoring you,” also Dr. Graham mentioned, “Young people have to manage feeling excluded by people that are very important to them.”


Depression-cellular country complaintsChild psychotherapist Julie Lynn Evans claims that she treated with twice suicide attempt back in 1990s, but today she faces up to for a month. Lynn Evans blames handsets for this raise, saying that it enables teenagers to bring world of cyber bullying with them everywhere they go. “There are difficult chat rooms, self-harming websites, anorexia websites, pornography, and a whole invisible world of dark places. In real life, we travel with our children. When they are connected via their smartphone to the web, they usually travel alone,” Evans says.


Is it possible? Yes! Expert orthopedic surgeon Jonathan Dearing, Obesity-cellular country complaintsrepresentative for the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh, says that the tech-revolution has bought to decreases physical activity and obesity, which is the fourth largest result of death worldwide. “If someone is on the floor above you at work, rather than going to see them you would send an email. And you would phone up a friend rather than traveling to meet them,” Dearing says. “Inactivity leads to obesity, and it means risk of cardiovascular disease is greatly increased. Pretty much every pathology – such as breast cancer, prostate cancer or bowel cancer – you are both more likely to get it and less likely to recover from it if you are inactive,” he added.

Lack of sleep

Sleep -cellular country complaintsMore than 60 percent of 18-29 years old mobile phone users take their devices to bed, a study shown that just two hours exposure to brightly screen can suppress melatonin and trigger to sleeping trouble. Professor Kevin Morgan, Director of the Clinical Sleep Research Unit at Loughborough University mentioned that a late night rational stimulation from our smartphones makes it harder to relax. “Why are you looking at a screen before you go to bed? It could be because you are working. Or a child might be playing an exciting game,” he says. “Looking at screens engages you in intellectual activity in a way that is not at all like reading a book. It puts you in a state of alertness which is the last thing you want to be before going to bed.”


Carnegie Mellon University experts found that drivers who are accident -cellular country complaintslistening to a person talk on their handsets have 37percent minimized brain activity. At the same time, a University of Washington research found that texting while walking was four times more possibly to ignore the lights or somehow ignore to look for traffic lights before crossing, and that accidents happen.

Smartphones are very useful in everyday life, in fact we use our phone first thing in the morning and still using it late night. Be a responsible phone owner; love your health because health matters.




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